Lo-Fi United: The Animated Series

Lo-Fi United is an animated series created by Justin Orr, which follows a collective of specialized agents throughout the course of their daily lives and the oddities that they encounter while on assignments. The 1st episode was written by Justin Orr and is currently under production in his Oakland, California studio. Images and animated teasers will be updated here regularly as the project progresses.

Finalizing a good color palette takes some time. Today I finally got one together that I am really diggin'! Many of my favorite artists maintain a strong sense of good color usage in their designs, which is why I spend soooooo much time working on those 2 elements in my own artwork and with this project in particular.


Reworking the script YET AGAIN and making changes to the storyboards as well. The dialog can always use some added punch, so I will usually walk through it with some creative homies before it becomes more solidified. 

Lo-Fi United Copyright © 2018 Justin Orr